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1. Unless otherwise stated on an attachment hereto or specifically agreed to in writing by the Buyer of the products purchased (“the parts”) and an authorized officer of SPIRIT AVIATION SERVICES, INC.(“Seller”), the sale of the parts will be made under the following terms and conditions.

2. If the terms and conditions specified herein differ in any way from the terms and conditions of Buyer’s order, the terms and conditions specified herein shall be considered a counter-offer and shall not be effective as an acceptance of such order unless Buyer assents to the terms and conditions contained herein, which shall constitute the agreement between the parties. The failure of Buyer to object therein in writing within ten (10) days from the date of receipt hereof shall constitute assent thereto. No additional modifications of any of the terms and conditions hereof shall be effective unless made in writing and signed by both parties.

3. Delivery of parts shall be EXWORKS Sellers facility. Risk of loss shall pass to Buyer upon delivery of the parts to Buyer or a representative thereof. In case where no written instruction of shipping from Buyer exists, but carrier shall not be the agent of Seller, Seller shall not be responsible for delay or damage incurred in shipment to Buyer.

4. The full payment of the invoice amount is due and payable to Seller in US dollars within 30 Days from the date of the invoice, unless stated otherwise in the terms section on the reverse side of this Invoice. If payment is not received within the 30 Day period, Buyer agrees to pay Seller an additional fee of 1 1/2% equal to the interest per month. IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT TITLE TO ALL PARTS AND MATERIALS LISTED ON THIS INVOICE REMAIN WITH SELLER UNTIL PAYMENT OF SAME HAS BEEN RECEIVED.

5. Unless otherwise stated, prices listed do not include duties or sales, use, excise, value added or similar taxes (excluding income taxes of Seller) payable as a result of Buyer's purchase or use of the parts. Buyer shall, in addition to paying specified prices, pay or reimburse Seller for any such duties or taxes.

6. Delivery shall be deemed to be complete upon receipt and inspection of goods by Purchaser, such inspection shall be made within 48 hours of receipt of goods. Goods may not be returned without Seller's prior authorization. Request for authorization must be made by Purchaser within 72 hours of receipt of goods. Goods authorized for return must be returned to Seller within 7 days of Seller's shipping date. Upon the return of goods pursuant to authorization Seller may at its option repair or replace the goods, refund the purchase price or issue credit. In the event the parts purchased are overhauled, repaired, serviceable or inspected , The said items shall be returned for warranty (if any) work, replacement only. Seller shall in no way be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages arising out of the shipment of non-conforming, defective and/or damaged goods. (If any tamper seals are removed or manipulated in any way the buyer has no claim or right for return.)

7. Goods may not be returned without prior consent of Seller Return Material Authorization (RMA), RMA # is needed for all returns. Rma number must be visible on the outside of the package or it will be refused by seller.Goods maynot be return if it is past the 30 days from the sale date or it will be refused by the seller. Returned goods may be subject to a charge of 30% of the sales price with a minimum fee of $250. In the event a part is returned, Buyer shall be responsible for any and all costs associated with all shipping, misc. charges. ALL RETURNS AND OR CLAIMS ARE DUE FROM BUYER WITHIN 14 DAYS OF SALE DATE.

8. Credit on AS REMOVED units and components. All units and components must be received as in the condition sent to customer in order to be returned for credit. If for any reason any marks, damage, unassembled, or broken tamper seals are noted on receiving inspection your credit/refund and any warranties you may have will be void. The unit/component will be returned to you at your (Buyers) cost. ALL CLAIMS MUST BE REC’D AT SPIRIT AVIATION SERVICES, INC.WITHIN 14 DAYS OF SALE DATE. If units are deemed BER (beyond economical repair) a repair cap must be agreed to in writing in order to be returned for credit. ALL BER REPORTS MUST BE MADE BY EITHER OEM OR AUTHORIZED OEM SUBCONTRACTOR ALL PRICES MUST BE BROKEN DOWN WITH PUBLISHED OEM PRICING. ALL SHOP REPORTS MUST ACCOMPANY UNIT. UNIT MUST BE APPROVED BY QA INORDER FOR CREDIT TO BE ISSUED. BEYOND ECONOMICAL REPAIR RATE IS CALCULATED AND MUST EXCEED 70% OF PUBLISHED OEM LIST ON THE UNITS AND OR COMPONENTS. ALL NON-CONFORMING MATERIAL MUST BE RETURNED IN THE CONDITION SENT OR IT WILL BE REJECTED.

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